The importance of a wedding album-Manchester wedding photographer

The importance of a wedding album

Like most wedding photographers, I offer different digital packages and products for my clients, becouse we live in a digital age, its all about dvd’s, cd’s and usb’s. I know digital images easy to share and I like to have all my photographs in a digital form too, so I know how important they are, but nothing feels better than holding a book with full of beautiful, memorable images in my hands.
Since my daughter borne I made several books, professional photo books and also sketchbooks where I stick in the photographs and I can add drawings or write little messages, its so much fun, I love to sit down with my girl and go throw them every year and we are just giggling :-). I have books about my husband and me before even we got married or have a baby. These books are all on the book shelf in our living room with all the rest of the books waiting for us just to flick through the pages and live through the memories and adventures we had.
I have a drawer full of old black and white photographs about my great grandparent, about my father and mother wedding day, about my dad when he was a baby, in those times there wasn’t dvd’s or cd’s just good old fashion printing and its so great to holding them in my hand, and I love the smell of the old photographs. And now just think about the future for a minute and imagine what it would mean for your children and grandchildren to have such a wonderful family heirloom to cherish and pass down.
Wedding albums probably one of the most important along with baby and family albums, they are a way to tell your story.  Each image is carefully selected, hand edited, and arranged in a manner that tells the story of your wedding day, or the beginning of your babies life. Session albums are generally smaller, but are edited and created with the same love and care. Photography is an investment and so is your wedding album. We all know that wedding photography can be a big expense, but just ask yourself, of all the things you’ll spend money on for your wedding day: the cake, the band, the venue, the flowers, the wedding dress…how many of these will you keep and continue to look at in the years to come?  Your wedding album is an experience, its full of memories. And as I mentioned earlier, even though we live in a digital age, seeing an image on your computer screen can never compare to a professionally printed image. Being able to physically touch and hold a beautifully handmade album instantly transports you back to that special day. 

Here is one of the beautiful wedding album I designed.

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