Beautiful newborn photography Cheshire

Beautiful newborn photography Cheshire

I feel so lucky to be able to capture all those newborn babies who coming to my studio. They are the true miracle of life, each and every one of them is beautiful with there little personality shining through there tiny body, they are pure and innocent. I would like to take a moment to thank all those parents who choose me as there maternity and newborn photographer,  I am so happy for you, with you.

I love photographing newborns!

There’s something about very special about being asked to capture these very precious moments in a family lives.

My main priority in my newborn shoots is to ensure the new parents are as relaxed as possible and not worried about having to stop for feeds, nappy changes and the odd ‘accident’ when the nappy is off! A relaxed shoot results in the best photos every time. With this in mind I put no time limit on these sessions and take things slowly as the baby is very much in charge! There are many things I like to highlight in my newborn shoots – the sheer tininess of a baby that is just few days old, showing them in beautiful sleepy slumber and the interaction of parents with their new bundle of joy to name but a few.

This little boy is a perfect example of all the above – simply divine!

Beautiful newborn photography Manchester
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