Bump to baby photographer Cheshire-Ginger and Lime photography

Bump to baby photographer Cheshire-Ginger and Lime photography

Your Pregnancy Photography and Newborn session will take place in my home studio  Cheshire Stockport Woodley or on location
These sessions are a perfect way of capturing beautiful maternity bump images with fabulous Newborn photos.
Maternity session best to be booked after the first scan  and we can schedule it for around the 30th week, then we can discuss if you would like a bit earlier or wait a few more weeks (best time for a pregnancy session between 28-34 weeks, its really up to you and your bump)
From the first moment that your session is scheduled, we start customising the session to fit your needs. First, you can choose 3-4 dresses from my gallery for your session , we can discuss family pictures and even nude photographs if you would like that.

During your newborn photography session you will receive a variety of poses and angles – both creative and simple beautiful. Family photos and sibling photos are welcome (and encouraged)  for no additional charge with most packages. The focus will always be on the new baby. Every baby and family is different therefor each session is customised to your style preferences.
During this session your baby’s safety is the number one priority. I use all the modern techniques to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable throughout the whole session. The session is done at the baby’s pace allowing time for cuddles, feeding, and changes.Newborn pictures are best taken within 14 days of your baby’s birth. If you are unable to get your pictures done within the first 10 days, don’t worry. We can take pictures during all stages of your child’s life.

And las but not least, I got some behind the scene photos from mum she took about me during the session 🙂
Thank you so much <3

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