Bump to Baby photographer Stockport, Manchester

Bump to Baby photographer Stockport, Manchester

I got so many emails asking about “bump to baby” photo sessions, I decided I will offer them for my clients from now on.  The best thing is you will get a discounted price on the both sessions if you book your maternity and your newborn session with me at the same time.
You’ll enjoy two photoshoots, one prior to the birth and one after.

My studio based in Woodley, Stockport

You can come to me for your maternity photoshoot, or we can also arrange a location photo session. Once your baby has arrived, you’ll return to the studio again for the newborn photo session. After you give birth feel free to discuss everything with me. I am always open for suggestions to ensure you have a nice experience during our sessions. Maternity photoshoot best booked around 28-34 weeks when your bump is a nice size and shape. However, timings really depend on you and your bump so just give me a ring to discuss the best time for your session. I will send you all the information regarding your maternity photo session to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

For my expecting clients I have a full wardrobe of various coverings, wraps and other outfits that you can choose from. Also I can help you to select from your favourite maternity outfits to create the most flattering images. All portraits are respectfully photographed and in good taste. Nudity is always optional and discreet. You can be photographed alone, with your partner, and with your children also. I will make sure that you are comfortable with the various poses and each session is tailored towards your individual needs.

Bump to baby photographer Cheshire

The best time to photograph a newborn is in the first fourteen days of life. During this time they sleep more soundly and curl up more easily into adorable poses. Newborns are captured alone, swaddled in your favourite blanket, or in their baby birthday suit (your choice). We can also take images with siblings and parents. Just let me know and thats how I will prepare the session. A newborn session will last approximately two to five hours. We have found that this is the required time in order to capture very unique images and give mum enough time to tend to baby’s needs. I will always have a plan for our session together, I let your newborn take the lead and very much work to your baby’s needs. If you have anything in particular you’d like in your session, I certainly welcome your suggestions. I have lots of different props, blankets, hats, little outfits, and wraps you can choose from.



Gold collection (all inclusive maternity and newborn session)
(50 payable on the time of booking
(Save £100)

-Includes a maternity and a newborn session
-All usage of props and outfits
-ALL  images included from both session on a USB with TEN 6×4 gift prints from the maternity and 10 gift prints from the newborn session

£50 payable at the time of booking

For Maternity session prices click HERE

For Newborn session prices click HERE

Bump to Baby photographer Stockport, Manchester



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