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It’s a creative process that are produced beautiful, emotional photographs and capture the essence of the subject entirely.
The editing process is very different between photographers, this allows you to choose the one you like the most when you want portraits like this of your family and children. My sessions are carried out with a simple studio light and backdrop. Props are included in your session fee, depending on what your vision is. We can discuss outfits too, I have some dresses available to use for the session. You can bring 2-4 outfits for the session what we can discuss beforehand.

My fine art children/family portrait sessions allow me to explore my passion for simple traditional portraiture. I especially love to discover and capture the child’s innocence, and the bond between family members, making the most divine photographs. I believe giving young teenagers and children a positive self image its so important , they benefit so much from seeing this beautiful vision of themselves, its psychologically proven that seeing themselves on photographs or paintings , especially in family portraits, gives them a big boost of self-esteem. These positive images stay with them, and they carry them in their hearts, what is so important in todays lives.

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