Mummy and Me fine art photography sessions Stockport, Manchester

Mummy and Me fine art photography sessions Stockport, Manchester

As moms, we often forget to take pictures with our children. I know that in my home, I am the one that is always taking the pictures and I am never in them myself. Our children need pictures with us to remember how much they were loved when they get older! These photos are not only for us moms but mostly for our kids! The goal of mommy & me sessions is to capture motherhood at its best! Capturing interactions within families is  my passion and I would love to capture your family!

I love looking back on photographs of my own childhood, and most of all I love seeing pictures of me with my parents. Unfortunately I don’t have just a few printed very old photograph, which is fading away with time, so they’re more treasured than any other photographs I own. But I want to make sure my girl has pictures with us every year and with grandparents , friends pets 🙂 I think sometimes we get so caught up with photographing our children that we sometimes forget to create memories that they will one-day treasure and love themselves.

That is why I am on a mission to photograph mums with their babies/toddlers/children when they’ve had a chance to get themselves looking their best, when they’re actually looking forward to getting in front of the camera with the people they love more than anything in the world.

Customised photo sessions now available, please contact me for more information
You are more than welcome to choose from my dresses as well I have available (dresses are available for maternity and non maternity session as well)
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