“Older Newborn baby” photography Cheshire, Manchester

“Older Newborn baby” photography Cheshire, Manchester

This blog post is about photographing babies who are over 3-6 weeks.  It’s aimed at parents who feel like they may have missed the boat if they don’t get baby photographed in those first 14 days.
Newborns are easiest to work with within the first 14 days of being born. During this period, they are sleeping the majority of the time, and this makes it very easy to get them into poses, they are more flexible making it easier to move from pose to pose without causing any discomfort.

But it is not always possible for new parents to leave the house in the first few weeks and that shouldn’t mean you can’t still get gorgeous newborn photos.

The beautiful Eilidh came to see me at 5 weeks and I expected to see a fully wide awake baby but she arrived sleeping so I took advantage of that and got some gorgeous sleeping shots expecting that they would be the only ones I could get.  After I was taking some gorgeous awake shots and she even let me pose her like a newborn baby, but  babies older than two weeks might not curl up as easily or like their clothes off and want to be held more.
These photographs are a great example what kind of images can we achieve at this “age” (5 weeks old baby)

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